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Quarterback Training, Mentoring & Development.  For ages 7th grade & up

Greg Frey Bio

Coach Frey has 25+ years training & developing QB's

Greg Frey was a 3 year starter & Captain for the Ohio State Buckeyes from 1987-1990 & is known for his great comebacks & the black "darth vader" visor!  More importantly, he is known for his passion to help guide & mentor & develop young QB's & their success speaks for itself.

Most recently, in his efforts to be a student of the game, Coach Frey has uncovered new ground in relation to the VISION of a QB & his alignment to a moving target.  OCULAR DOMINANCE affects alignment to a target in many sports with a moving object or target, and football is no different.  Make sure you come see Coach Frey to find out what he knows & how it can improve your son's game!

Pricing - Programs

QB Training & QB Film Study

Be a Student of the Game!

QB Evaluation Session


Find out what you dont know & let's create a plan for your QB to have success this fall!


Basis for Training

Photos & Video

Establish "Your" QB Gameplan 

** Parents:  you get to evaluate me as well to decide if I am the "right" fit for your young QB.

QB Foundation Package

* Ask for 2024 pricing

Payments: One Time or 2-3 Installments

5 Overall Sessions

Two "1 on 1" Guaranteed (or more)

3 Small Group

Advanced Fundamental Training:  Catch & throw / 3 step drop / on the run, etc

Advanced VISION Training - pre snap & post snap


Learn how to MOVE inside & outside the pocket

QB Alignment & Vision  Solution


Groundbreaking solutions for your young QB to correct his alignment &  his VISION!

EVERY young QB that I've met is NOT aligned properly.  This is designed to correct that immediately!

Groundbreaking Assessment / Ocular Dominance

If you live outside OHIO, this is for YOU!  We can do this online & you WILL get results!

**  MONEY BACK Guarantee if not fully satisfied!

Why QB training for your son?

The quarterback is arguably the most complex position in sports.  Most coaches at the middle school & high school level do not have enough time or in depth knowledge to truly help their QB's grow & develop & prosper.  We provide that service & the results are PROVEN.

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